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God created nature first for a reason!  Our "Herbal Mountains" soap bar is made of ecualyptus, hemp, and tea tree.  It will help energize your day!  Their is shea butter added to give you a wonderful base to cleanse your skin. If you hadn't known, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils are known for their medicinal properties in anti-fungal and many more capabilities! Peppermint leaves are added for additional exfoliation. This is an experience for all the sinus and allergy folk out there should not miss! #HerbalMountains

Note: Try showering with this soap when you have cold-like congestion or sinus allergies. If taking a bath, allow soap to be placed under water flow, it will help create a very very realxing and smoothing vapor that may help a ton!

Herbal Mountains

$13.00 Regular Price
$9.50Sale Price
  • 5 oz.

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