Frequently asked questions

How long can I run the fundraiser?

We have 2 options which is a 4 week program and a 7 week program. For longer are year-round fundraising opportunities please email us at with your customized request.

Do I have to pay for my own print outs?

No. All approved fundraisers are provided with all marketing and sales material at no cost.

Can I pay in advance for fundraising products?

Yes! We have clients that found their fundraisers to be more successful by pre-purchasing our fundraiser products. We have designated fundraising coordinators that create specific projections based on your budget.

How long does it take to receive orders after fundraiser is completed?

Depending on the size it normally takes 4-6 weeks at most to receive products for completed fundraiser. We have had product delivered as soon as 2 weeks.

I have a special cause fundraiser, do you help with marketing?

Yes! We offer special hands on help with special cause fundraising. Benefits include special online discount codes for online marketing and special gifts for all "registered" participants that help you with you special cause fundrasier.

Do you sponsor students of the year?

Yes! We sponsor the student of the year for all schools that has used our fundraising program during that current school year. Email us at to get your student of the month sponsored by Ecolone Handmade Soaps Fundraising.

Can I contact the local/national media to help with my fundraiser?

Yes! We have an awesome public relation team that is willing to work hand in hand to help your fundraiser be as grand as possible. We require all media request/ideas please be approved by our home office. We give an official letter of approval to the fundraising coordinator incase of media outlets requiring approval.

Can I book my school fundraiser in advance?

Yes! We advise all of our schools that use our fundraiser to pre-book your fundraiser for the spring and the fall. We are a first come first serve company and only take a certain amount of school fundraisers a year.

Can I do an online fundraiser?

Yes! Our team helps create projections based on your budget and customized online promo codes to help with the crusade. Our online fundraisers do just as well as in person.

Can I wholesale purchase products?

Yes! We have an amazing system for those who become certified distributors. We have online training and 24/7 support system. There is a promotion and bonus system included for all of our distributors.

I own a shop, do you offer consignment?

Yes! We offer consignment opportunities for the shops/venues that qualify. To qualify depends on time of the year, shop location, area foot traffic and current sale projections. We include in house marketing for all shops that carry our products.

I am a certified distributor, can I set my orders to automatic?

Yes! We have a special log-in area for all of our distributors and shop vendors. You have the option to set up an automatic inventory restock that allows you to make money more consistently.

How does the fundraiser work?

1. Find your needed goal amount. 2. Pick a start and end date. 3. Click the button below and fill out the form. 4. Receive your FREE samples and brochures. 5. A designated Fundraising Expert Will Be Assigned. 6. Start Raising Funds.

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